Tried and Tested

Posted On: 9th of March, 2017
Posted In: Store News

We have put a range of masking tapes to the test, and have selected a couple of favourites to add to our range.

General Purpose: A low priced tape suitable for general masking needs. Use it to mask off areas when painting. If using outdoors it should be removed from surfaces the same or next day, it does not perform well when left in the sun for an extended time. Use for line work on large scale artworks, it will leave a decently clean line, but if you're looking for something more precise you should consider our premium tape.

Premium: This premium tape is ideal for detail work, and leaves a very clean line without paint bleeding under the edge. It can be used to mask areas outdoors - it suggests for up to 7 days, but we left it in the rain and hot sun for 3 weeks and it peeled of beautifully.

$5.95 / $9.95 - View in the online store.