Posted In: August, 2017

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AS Dad Cap

Posted On: 16th of August, 2017
Posted In: Store News

The AS Colour Davey cap is now in store!

The AS Colour Davey cap is a lightweight, 100% cotton 6 panel cap that comes in Black, Natural, Dark Grey, Navy and Harbour Blue.

$25 - view in the Online Store

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One Thousand Trees

Posted On: 16th of August, 2017
Posted In: Store News

Kyle Hughes-Odgers new children's book One Thousand Trees is now in store.

Deep in the heart of the city, Frankie dreams of a thousand trees … over them, under them, through them, above them.

Award-winning artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers takes readers on a journey of imagination and discovery, exploring the art of nature and the nature of art.

305 x 210mm, Hardcover, 32 Pages.

$29.95 - View in the Online Store


Posted On: 16th of August, 2017
Posted In: Store News

Amok Island's new screen print now in store!

On this 'Beachcombing in Temperate Australia' print you can find: crabs, a shark egg, Cuttlefish bone, fishing float with barnacles, Sargassum seaweed, sea grass, various urchins, shells and a washed up smooth boxfish, sea dragon and sponge. All subjects are commonly found on beaches in the southern half of Australia.

Hand printed at Amok Island studio in North Fremantle this 6 colour screen print is on 225 gsm A2 (42 x 59.4cm) paper. It is signed and numbered as part of a limited edition of 150.

$125.00 View in theOnline Store

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Transfer Paper

Posted On: 16th of August, 2017
Posted In: Chucks Know-Hows, Store News

Need to accurately chalk up your designs?

Our Design Transfer Paper is super handy for tracing your printed or drawn design from paper to your final surface. Whether it's a canvas, wall, sign or other surface, just place this paper between your design and surface and trace over your design. The transfer lines can be brush or washed off after your artwork is complete.

Super handy for replicating logos, making hand painted signs and many other applications.

You can reuse the sheets over and over again, and packs contain 5 sheets of different coloured paper, perfect for any coloured surface.

$18.95 - View in the online store.

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Black Magic

Posted On: 12th of August, 2017
Posted In: Store News

GROG's new Black Magic Ink is an invisible ink that reacts under UV light - turning from invisible to a dark brown finish.

Its special formulation allows to obtain different shades of colour, which are determined by the intensity of light to which it is exposed the artwork. If Black Magic Ink is used indoors, the darkening reaction will be much longer, compared to the outdoor usage, due to the different intensity between the UV artificial lights and the UV sun rays.

Black Magic Ink is suitable for writing on all kinds of porous surfaces such as paper, cardboard, marble, concrete, plastic, metal and painted surfaces. It's not suitable to write on glass or other non-porous surfaces.

Available in 08 Cutter markers and a bottles of refill ink.

$11.95 / $21.95 - View in our online store.

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Picture Perfect Varnish

Posted On: 4th of August, 2017
Posted In: Chucks Know-Hows

Which clear coat is right for your project?

MTN's Picture Varnish is designed to complete your fine art works.

This light body, non bulky varnish contains less aggressive solvents than ordinary varnishes, making it suitable to apply on many mediums.

It's an ideal top coat for the protection of your artworks created in acrylics, oils, watercolors, charcoal, etc.

Available in matte, satin or gloss you can choose your preferred finish. If your mixed media artwork contains different gloss levels this top coat will help to make a cohesive finish.

Find Picture Varnish in our online store here.

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Nozzle Guide Updated

Posted On: 2nd of August, 2017
Posted In: Chucks Know-Hows

With so many new nozzles and cans, we have had a good big old play with all the combinations. Our newly revised nozzle guide is out now!

You can download our printable A4 Nozzle Guide (.pdf) here.

See individual nozzles in our online store for extra info, tips and staff recommendations.