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Black Magic

Posted On: 12th of August, 2017
Posted In: Store News

GROG's new Black Magic Ink is an invisible ink that reacts under UV light - turning from invisible to a dark brown finish.

Its special formulation allows to obtain different shades of colour, which are determined by the intensity of light to which it is exposed the artwork. If Black Magic Ink is used indoors, the darkening reaction will be much longer, compared to the outdoor usage, due to the different intensity between the UV artificial lights and the UV sun rays.

Black Magic Ink is suitable for writing on all kinds of porous surfaces such as paper, cardboard, marble, concrete, plastic, metal and painted surfaces. It's not suitable to write on glass or other non-porous surfaces.

Available in 08 Cutter markers and a bottles of refill ink.

$11.95 / $21.95 - View in our online store.