Posted In: January, 2018

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Supersized Hello Stickers!

Posted On: 18th of January, 2018
Posted In: Store News

SUPERSIZE Me! The ever famous HELLO MY NAME sticker is now available in the extra large A2 format!

The stickers are made of coated adhesive sticker paper, ideal for use with markers and now even spray paint. The back is pre-slit, for easy removal of the backing film.

The pack contains 10 x A2 sized (59.4 x 42cm) stickers with 5 in red, and 5 in blue.

$26.95 - View in the online store

Introducing Toki

Posted On: 18th of January, 2018
Posted In: Store News

Our new range of Toki markers are a perfect student quality ediiton to any pencil case!

Aquarelle - twin end markers with a bullet and brush tip, can be blended with water

Layout - twin end bullet and chisel tip alcohol based markers

Twin - with a different colour at each end, these brush tip markers are perfect for on the go with twice as many colours per set

$15.95 per pack - View the range in the online store

New Staple Colours

Posted On: 9th of January, 2018
Posted In: Store News

Yummy new AS Staple tee colours now in store!

Now available in 25 Colours, this is the Staple that will keep your wardrobe fresh.

$19.00 - View all colours in the online store.