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Fluid Acrylic Paint

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Ironlak Fluid Water Based Acrylic Paint is a high performance, water soluble artists’ acrylic paint, designed to flow freely while painting. Suitable for airbrushing and application with a variety of brush based tools. The Easy-Pour spout alleviates mess and is perfect for refilling Ironlak paint markers. A heavy pigment load provides fantastic coverage and strong, vibrant colours which are matched to the Ironlak 400mL colour chart and are compatible with Ironlak and Sugar Artists’ Acrylic aerosols. Paint can be diluted with water to create transparent effects and washes. Permanent when dry.

• After use, replace lid tightly and store upright.
• Water soluble
• Superior coverage
• UV resistant
• Mix for custom colours
• Easy pour spout
• Use with a brush, airbrush or to refill pump markers
• 45ml bottle

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Melbourne AU$5.95
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Washington AU$5.95
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Irwin AU$5.95
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Pineapple Park AU$5.95
Nitro AU$5.95
Sorbet AU$5.95
Whizbang AU$5.95
Reals Sublime AU$5.95
Cameleon AU$5.95
Ewoks Froggy AU$5.95
Huey AU$5.95
Jarnte AU$5.95
Placid AU$5.95
Linz Iceberg AU$5.95
Frazetta AU$5.95
Hunter AU$5.95
Reef AU$5.95
Lightning AU$5.95
Electro AU$5.95
Atmosphere AU$5.95
Torquay AU$5.95
Smurf AU$5.95
Phat 1 True Royal AU$5.95
Midnight AU$5.95
Yankee AU$5.95
Atlantic AU$5.95
Chicago AU$5.95
Meks Magic AU$5.95
Sofles Violence AU$5.95
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Fluoro Orange AU$5.95
Fluoro Green AU$5.95
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Blue Shimmer AU$5.95
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