Free MTN Pandora Can

Love Montana Colors? You can redeem a free Pandora Can worth $99.95!

We're offering a free Pandora Can for our customers who love MTN. All you have to do is some simple steps and we can send one right to you!

For full transparency, we're letting you know that the stock we're handing out is being written off due to very superficial damage. It still is a totally functional product but has very slight denting around the top rim of the can. There is no chipping however.

Ships only to Australia. Limited stock available.

1. Spend at least $280 on MTN Products
Instore or online - shop all MTN products here.

2. Upload a picture of your receipt with your address
Head to this link and upload a full photo of your receipt, or upload the pdf invoice we sent you when we dispatched your order, and enter all the form details. We'll verify all details.

3. Enjoy your Pandora Can!
We'll ship your order ASAP after checking your purchase. Sit back and let us take care of the shipping process!