Lessons Learned : Zine Launch and Exhibition


Exhibition and Zine Launch

Opens: Friday 29th September 6pm - 10pm
Exhibition Runs Until: One night only

at The Butcher Shop Northbridge

Lessons Learnt is zine launch and exhibition, including the sale of original artwork by Perth artists. All proceeds of zine sales and artwork will go to Cancer Council WA to support their mission to defeat cancer.

Lessons Learnt is a zine written by Georgia Nedkoff, who at 26 years old, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She hopes by sharing her story, she can assist others who may also be going through a less than ideal situation.

Artwork for sale by: Aaron Ashworth
Alison Fisher
Daniel Formentin
Emma Commander
Emma Davidson
Henri Middlemass
Jesse Brothers
Kaitlin Greenwood
Kimberry Behets
Lauren Melina
Pari Corbitt

Facebook Event: www.facebook.com/events/131598540795896

Beer by Moon Dog Brewery
Wine By Hanrahan's Run
Support from Arts Council England

Out of Context : Dan Newso


An exhibition by Dan Newso

Opens: Thursday 12 January 2017, 6-9pm
Exhibition Runs Until: Thursday 19 January 2017

at The Butcher Shop Northbridge

During his Butcher Shop residency, Newso has has been exploring a new direction both within the gallery and exterior large scale murals, combining abstract and figurative painting.

Employing cut and paste, implied collage and glitch aesthetic he takes his subjects out of context juxtaposing them with shapes and patterns. He examines themes of identity, protest, ambiguity and disguise through his figures.

Exploring non conventional materials, Newso has employed the use of raw building materials and concrete surfaces in his gallery works, which embody the qualities of exterior surfaces used as canvases for his murals. The artist presents his gallery works in handmade floating oak frames.

Dan Newso is visiting us from the UK, using his residency placement to develop his practice and build an international audience. This trip has been supported by Arts Council England and British Council.

Website: www.newso.co.uk
Instagram: www.instagram.com/newso48

Beer by Feral Brewing Co
Support from Arts Council England

Gradual : Bruno Booth

An Exhibition by Bruno Booth

Opens: Thursday 29 September 2016, 6-9pm
Exhibition Runs Until: Thursday 13 October 2016

At The Butcher Shop Northbridge

Gradual explores the relationship between object and subject. One thing gradually becomes another. Our tastes, ideas, dislikes and even our bodies are in a constant state of flux, neither one thing or another yet encompassing every state in between. Even the paintings that make up this body of work will change, however minutely, over timegradually becoming something and everything else.

Gradual is a body of work created during Bruno Booth's Butcher Shop Residency, a free studio program supporting local and visiting artists.

Artists Website: www.hawkwinstonhawk.com
Artists Instagram: www.instagram.com/hawkwinstonhawk

Beer by Feral Brewing Co

Letterboy - Calligraphy & Hand Lettering

Calligraphy & Hand Type

Thursday 10th August 2016, 6pm to 8pm

At The Butcher Shop Northbridge

Join visiting Swedish artist Letter Boy at The Butcher Shop Northbridge for casual night of drinks and drawing.

Pens, paper and beer provided - watch, play, learn and have fun with hand drawn type.

Find out more about Letterboy's upcoming Perth workshops at www.letter-boy.com

View the Facebook event here.

Website: www.letter-boy.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/letter_boy

Beer by Feral Brewing Co

Abando : Jarrad Martyn

An Exhibition by Jarrad Martyn

Opens: Friday 10th June 2016, from 6pm to late
Exhibition Runs Until: Monday 20th June 2016

At The Butcher Shop Northbridge

, a solo exhibition of paintings and drawings by Jarrad Martyn, explores the allure of abandoned sites and buildings. Encountered through a curiosity in exploring and an interest in painting walls, Martyn examines the human interaction in these sites after they have become abandoned. Often explored while travelling, Abando features a range of different sites, from a abandoned theme park in Berlin to a abandoned entertainment complex in Bali.

Through the scrapping and blurring of paint he encourages associations to the physicality which often characterises the human interaction occurring in these sites, while reinforcing the changing landscape that is created by the manmade being reclaimed by nature. He questions how someone's behaviour can change when not being dictated by an overarching set of constraints or rules.

The exhibition is the result of the work created during the artist residency at The Butcher Shop. For the past two months Martyn has been occupying The Butcher Shop studio. We are pleased to present the second body of work created during our new residency program.

Website: www.jarradmartyn.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jahy_mart
Tumblr: jmartyn.tumblr.com

Beer by Feral Brewing Co
Tunes by Fungle Club

Chained to the Sky : John Kaye

An Exhibition by John Kaye

Opens: Friday 18th March 2016, from 6pm
Exhibition Runs Until: Monday 28 March 2016

At The Butcher Shop Northbridge

Chained to the Sky reveals a series of new paintings that focus on beauty and chaos, combining elements of Kaye's personal images with his love for shapes and colour.

This series is based on displaying a symbolic view of experiences surrounding the artist over the period of the past year, through the use of classic subject matter such as plants, flowers and vases.

This exhibition is the result of work created during the artists residency at The Butcher Shop. For the past two months John Kaye has been visiting Perth and calling The Butcher Shop studios home. We are pleased to present the first body of work created during our new residency program.

Website: www.johnkayeart.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/johnkayeart
Facebook: www.facebook.com/johnkayeart

Beer by Feral Brewing Co
Music by Fungle Club

Out/side : PIANO

Out/side : a solo exhibition by PIANO

Opens - Thursday 18 February, 6-9pm at The Butcher Shop Northbridge
Runs Until - Sunday 28 February

Australian street artist PIANO's latest exhibition
Out/side explores the significant changes in infrastructure happening in his home town of Adelaide. Everyday he bears witness to hundreds of homes being demolished to make way for wider roadways and housing redevelopment. Out/side is an exhibition which tracks this process of demolition and destruction within a growing city.

For more information on PIANO and his art head to his
website and check out his instagram.