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Welcome to the World Of...

Posted On: 14th of June, 2013
Posted In: Out and About

An exhibition by Daek William at Linton & Kay Galleries Perth, 2-16 July.

Perth born, Brooklyn based artist Daek William returns home for what is set to be a killer show this July at Linton & Kay Galleries. We well recommend a peep.

Welcome to the world of... reveals the life experiences of Daek William, from his nostalgic youth saturated with American pop culture through to the highly technological world that we live in today.

"My interests are infinite, and therefore this body of work cannot by pinpointed to one select theme, but rather an appreciation for what is in this monstrous world we live in."

From a life of working on the street, Daek William has different ideals to the majority of artists in a gallery setting, encouraging the viewers to interact with his works.

"Contrary to the belief that art work is too precious to touch, with my frivolous attitude from working on the street, I encourage viewers to feel and experience my works. This interaction is as important as my artwork itself."

A recurring theme throughout Daek William's work is a composite origami mesh of illustrative articles, photorealistic portraits and child hood nostalgia.

"My work projects into the world, to a community, to the people, to the inspired and the admired. My work is a beautiful object for your eyes to enjoy."

With a belief that everything has been done before, but not by himself, Daek William will present his world and a new twist on exhibiting in a gallery setting.