SOUP in your Neighbourhood

Posted On: 10th of March, 2015
Posted In: Out and About

Our friends at Vic Park Collective are piloting the first Neighbourhood SOUP in Perth

Perth Soup is a non-for-profit organisation who aims to promote community-based development through crowd-funding. Next month, Vic Park Collective in collaboration with Perth Soup will be hosting a micro-granting dinner in support of of creative projects in the neighbourhood. For a donation of $10 on the door, attendees will receive a meal of soup, bread and salad as well as the opportunity to view four presentations and vote on the project they think will benefit the community the most, with the winner taking home the donations made on the door at the end of the night.

Location: Vic Park Bowls Club

Date: Monday, April 13th 2015

Click here to learn more or submit a proposal.