Sign Painters - A Documentary

Posted On: 15th of March, 2015
Posted In: Store News

If you've visited us over the last year or so you may have noticed the beautiful Sign Painters book, immaculately curated by Faythe Levine and Sam Macon. This doco of the same name lives up to it's predecessor.

The film represents a selection of talented artisans keeping the hand painted sign industry alive. A documentation of a dying craft, and an insight into the patience and skill required to create what we so often let machines do for us.

"A cautionary tale about the head-long rush into a technology-driven time and a meditation on what's lost along the way. It is a reminder to look around and recognise the physical history in our presence every day." - Mary Louise Schumacher, Milwauke Journal Sentinel

A must-see for any typography nerds and painters out there. Watch the trailer here.

$39.95 -View in the Online Store.