Brain JuJu

Posted On: 29th of March, 2015
Posted In: Out and About

A solo exhibition by Bruno Booth

Opening: Wednesday, April 22 | 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition Runs: Until April 26th
Location: The Butcher Shop, Northbridge

Everyone has experienced a Brain JuJu at least once. They are those moments of nostalgia and recollection that we can’t quite grasp or put into words. A Brain JuJu is a moment in time that never really existed, long summer nights on the street, skateboards, bikes and a hint of danger. We can remember the feelings and emotions but clarity is lacking. It is almost as if those memories have been encased in glass, we can see them but we can never really get close to them again.

This exhibition is a metaphor for those moments. The pieces could be described as lowbrow, bold shapes and colours executed in a childlike naivety. However, there is also a deeper theme upon which the JuJu’s are hung.

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