Lost For Words: An exhibition by Andrew Frazer

Posted On: 7th of July, 2015
Posted In: Out and about

An illustrated animal alphabet exhibition.

Opening: August 8th, 5pm-7pm
Conitinues until: Early November
Where: Hay Shed Hill (Harmans Mill Rd, Margaret River, WA)

Full time artist from Bunbury, Andrew Frazer, introduces his exhibition: 'Lost for Words'.

'Lost for words' uses animals to celebrate the english alphabet. The idea being individual letters
can carry meaning when we place them in context.... letters become words, words become
sentences, sentences become conversations and conversations inspire ideas for change.
Each illustrated animal has been carefully considered & constructed to inspire conversations
surrounding joy, loss, hope, despair, forgiveness, heartache and ultimately redemption.

In collaboration with Lost For Words, Andrew has also launched his first Kickstarter
campaign, where you can pre-purchase a limited giclée print &/or a limited run of

Kickstarter info here!