Posted On: 30th of August, 2015
Posted In: Out and About

Introducing a debut solo exhibition by local artist Nathan Hoyle!

Opening: Friday September 11, 6.00pm
Runs until: September 19
Location: Hot Soup! Gallery, 10 William St, Fremantle

The visual irony of our urban and suburban environments is that they, like us, truly fade: paint peels, paths crack, rust leaks and we’re left holding the stains of time. We either accept that we disappear, or we paint over our fences in hope of renewing ourselves.

Alas, beauty stands, quietly, between our intent and our mistakes.

Introspect is a collection of paintings made from observations of footpaths, shop facades, fences and junk yards. It suggests that society is constantly and incidentally making art: overspray on driveways, ambiguous road markings, re-sheeted shed roofs, tessellated wall fixings.

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