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ReDiscover 2016

Posted On: 27th of January, 2016
Posted In: Out and About

Next time you're heading through Bunbury check out some of the epic murals that have just cropped up around town

Bunbury is rapidly growing as an urban gallery space with 15 new large scale murals recently created for this years instalment of ReDiscover. Every year the festival commissions a group of amazing artist to paint large scale pieces for the public to enjoy. This years ensemble was no exception with the following artist partaking: Askew One, Seth Globepainter, Rone, Gemma O'Brien, Hayley Welsh, Phibs, Beastman, Anya Brock, Gimiks Born, Chris Nixon, Ian Mutch, Vans the Omega, Elliot Numskull and Jackson Harvey.

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Photographer: Edwin Sitt
Festival Organiser: Six Two Three Zero