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RUBIN: New York/Scandanavia

Posted On: 2nd of June, 2016
Posted In: Store News

Swedish born Brooklyn based artist RUBIN has just released his book 'New York / Scandinavia"

Tony Rubin Sjoman has become a staple of the street art scene of New York City and beyond. This book brings you inside his studio, into art galleries and takes you on a journey into the streets of New York that are marked by his large scale murals. Rubin draws inspiration from his gritty upbringing, the tram tunnels where he first learned the craft and from the contrasts that have formed him into the artist he is today. While Rubin's abstract and geometrical pieces are rooted in traditional graffiti, they break the rules of the craft with their muted color palette and Scandinavian clean lines. The book Rubin: New York / Scandinavia takes you inside his studio, to art galleries and on a journey through the streets of New York City.

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