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DIY Building Blocks

Posted On: 29th of November, 2016
Posted In: DIY Projects

Tasked with making a house warming present for a young family, we got crafty with some wooden off cuts, paint markers and liquid acrylics.

We chose to feature the new house's street name, but the same project could be easily adapted for baby showers, birthdays or any occasion.

We started with 9 small wooden blocks - about 4cm cubed. We had a scrap of square pine and neatly cut it into even blocks and lightly sanded the cut edges.

We used Molotow One4All paint - both in markers and the 30ml bottles of liquid acrylic paint with a brush.

Colour Scheme
We selected 4 colours - white, grey, light pink and dark purple. Choosing a small colour range will help to keep the blocks looking unified.

Sketch out some design ideas on grids of 3x3 squares - we used coloured pencils to plan 6 3x3 squares. The blocks will get mixed up and made into all sorts of designs, but you will have at least 6 designs you know you can make from your set.

We first made a 3x3 square with the blocks, ensuing the wood grain was going in the same direction, so all the cross cuts are pointing the same way. We painted on one design, then turned each block to the left to paint the second design. We kept going like that for the 4 sides, then turned the blocks down for the 5th and 6th sides. This way when you put the letters back together you can easily flip them to find your 6 designs.

Clear Coat
Once your paint is all dry you can varnish them with matte, satin or gloss clear depending on the finish you want. We chose 94 Acrylic Matte Varnish.

If you find the paints are soaking into the wood too much and bleeding at the edge of the design, or you want really crisp painted areas with out the wood grain texture coming through so much, clear coat your blocks before you begin painting, and again once complete.