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DIY Egg Shakers

Posted On: 29th of March, 2020
Posted In: DIY Projects

Looking for some chocolate free Easter gift ideas? We had fun creating this Montessori inspired egg shaker set.

Using our Hollow Wooden Eggs and MTN Water Based Spray Paint this game is to teach sound recognition to small children - discover the 3 different sounds, match the 2 eggs that sound the same. Order them from soft to loud.

• 6x Hollow Wooden Eggs
• PVA Glue
• Edible dry foods - we used Cous Cous, Rice and Macaroni
• Wooden plank and hole saw for base (optional)
MTN Gesso Primer
• 3 Colours of Spray Paint - we used MTN Water Based Paint (We used Raw Umber, Burt Umber, Grey Green)

• Fill 2 eggs with equal amounts of Cous Cous, 2 with Rice, and 2 with Macaroni
• Use a small amount of PVA glue to seal the eggs closed
• Measure and cut a small board to sit the eggs on, and make holes with a whole saw for the eggs to sit in (base is optional, you could just find a box or basket to house the eggs in)
• Prime your wooden objets with MTN Gesso Primer (this is a water based primer with no harsh solvents)
• Using MTN Water Based Paint, paint your base 1 colour, then paint 1 set off eggs in 1 colour (so you have 1 of each sound) then the remaining 3 eggs in the last colour - an egg carton is helpful to hold the eggs as you spray them