Posted In: November, 2020

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Stenciled Linen Tea Towels

Posted On: 17th of November, 2020
Posted In: DIY Projects

We were in need of a little unique gift idea for family so we decided to turn some iPad drawings from our two year old into tea towel designs.

Stencil Film
Xacto Knife
Linen Tea Towel (we used Off White)
MTN Water Based spray paint (we used AZO Orange Pale, Naphthol Red, Blue Green Dark, Blue Green Pale)

We took some scribbles from the iPad, but could just as easily be from paper, and cut them into 6 separate stencils. We used acetate stencil film so we could reuse them a quite a few times.

We pre washed the linen tea towel to soften them an remove the starchy coating to ensure the paint adhered well.

We placed the separate stencils on the tea towel, changing the position and colour each time so each tea towel was unique. Ww waited a few minutes between each stencil so they are touch dry. We used the Water Based cans which are great if kids are helping or you are using indoors. Our other paint ranges also work.

After the paint is completely dry (we gave it a few hours), we ironed the design with a hot iron with no steam for a few minutes to set the paint.