ANZAC Weekend

Posted On: 21st of April, 2020
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We are open this ANZAC Day long weekend -

Saturday 25 April - 11am to 4pm

Sunday 26 April - 11am to 4pm

Monday 26 April - Closed

Easter Trading

Posted On: 7th of April, 2020
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Our Northbridge store is open over the Easter weekend -

Good Friday - Closed
Saturday - 11am to 4pm
Sunday - 11am to 4pm
Easter Monday - Closed

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Planter Pots with MTN Chalk Range

Posted On: 4th of April, 2020
Posted In: DIY Projects

Get prepping and grow some herbs at home!

MTN's range of Chalk Products are the perfect friend for projects around the home. With chalkboard paint and chalk spray and markers there are endless DIY projects to keep your hands busy.

View MTN's Chalk range here.

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Noongar Counting Blocks

Posted On: 3rd of April, 2020
Posted In: DIY Projects

When we learned how to count from keny to maar-maar in Noongar we were fascinated by the number structure and created this set of Montessori inspired blocks to help learn the numbers. We have included the instructions below for an easy make at home educational toy for these Stay at Home times we find ourselves in.

• 1x 30x30mm square piece of wood, at least 1.7m long - the piece we purchased was a 2.4m length in pine
• 1x Drawstring Calico Bag
• 1x Can MTN Gesso Primer
• 2x Stylefile Markers in your chosen colours (for decorating the bag)
• 10x MTN Water Based Spraypaint in your chosen colours
• 1x MTN Water Based Paint Marker in your chosen colour (should contrast all paint colours)
• 1x MTN Water Based Spraypaint Clear Matte Varnish

• 2x 30mm in length (keny)
• 6x 60mm in length (koodjal)
• 2x 90mm in length (daambart)
• 7x 150mm in length (maar)

Sand any rough edges ready for painting.

• Slip a piece of cardboard in the bag to prevent the markers bleeding through to the back side
• Using the Stylefile Markers trace 1 of each of the 4 length blocks and write the corresponding name
- do this before you paint the blocks incase you get any marker on them
- we used dark brown to trace the blocks and black to write the names

• Print the last page of the below PDF
• Cut in half and tack with glue back to back
• Laminate

Paint the raw wood with a primer to seal the wood and prevent the coloured paint soaking in and looking uneven. We used MTN Gesso Primer which is a thick covering water based primer with no harsh solvents.

You will need to put the puzzle together and paint each number in a different colour. Some numbers are created with 1 block, and some are made up of 2 or 3 blocks. We have listed the numbers below with the MTN Water Based Spraypaint colours we used and the block sizes needed.
Keny - Titanium Light - 30
Koodjal - Grey Green Dark - 60
Daambart - Raw Umber - 90
Koodjal-Koodjal - Grey Green Pale - 60 60
Maar - Yellow Ochre - 150
Maar-Keny - Raw Umber Deep - 150 30
Maar-Koodjal - Naples Yellow Deep - 150 60
Maar-Daambart - Grey Green - 150 90
Maar-Koodjal-Koodjal - Burnt Umber - 150 60 60
Maar-Maar - Grey Green Deep - 150 150

• Put the blocks together as per the instructions and diagram on the next page
• With your paint marker, mark a visible dot on the left end of each row

We added a final coat of varnish to help protect our block set. We used MTN Water Based Spraypaint in Matte Varnish.

View full instructions here (.pdf)

If you're interested in learning more Noongar lanungue and culture we would highly recommend this free online course:

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DIY Egg Shakers

Posted On: 29th of March, 2020
Posted In: DIY Projects

Looking for some chocolate free Easter gift ideas? We had fun creating this Montessori inspired egg shaker set.

Using our Hollow Wooden Eggs and MTN Water Based Spray Paint this game is to teach sound recognition to small children - discover the 3 different sounds, match the 2 eggs that sound the same. Order them from soft to loud.

• 6x Hollow Wooden Eggs
• PVA Glue
• Edible dry foods - we used Cous Cous, Rice and Macaroni
• Wooden plank and hole saw for base (optional)
MTN Gesso Primer
• 3 Colours of Spray Paint - we used MTN Water Based Paint (We used Raw Umber, Burt Umber, Grey Green)

• Fill 2 eggs with equal amounts of Cous Cous, 2 with Rice, and 2 with Macaroni
• Use a small amount of PVA glue to seal the eggs closed
• Measure and cut a small board to sit the eggs on, and make holes with a whole saw for the eggs to sit in (base is optional, you could just find a box or basket to house the eggs in)
• Prime your wooden objets with MTN Gesso Primer (this is a water based primer with no harsh solvents)
• Using MTN Water Based Paint, paint your base 1 colour, then paint 1 set off eggs in 1 colour (so you have 1 of each sound) then the remaining 3 eggs in the last colour - an egg carton is helpful to hold the eggs as you spray them


Posted On: 25th of March, 2020
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You can continue to order online for delivery or store pickup.

You can visit our Northbridge store - you will be served at the front door, kinda like an after hours window at the servo. We will be open Monday to Saturday 11am to 4pm. Card payments only.

Stay safe everybody!

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COVID-19 Measures

Posted On: 16th of March, 2020
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We never thought we would be making posters like these - but these are very unusual times!

We are taking extra measures to keep our environment clean, and our staff and customers safe.

If visiting our stores we would kindly ask you to use cards for payments where possible, and not to visit us if you are feeling unwell.

Businesses if you also are implementing similar measures please feel free to use our posters and digital assets to help inform your community.

A folder of printable and postable assets are available for download here.

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New Old Vintage Wall Hangings

Posted On: 5th of March, 2020
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A new selection of Westraliana wall hanging now instore.

Original vintage prints on linen, ready to hang on hand crafted Tasmanian Oak hangers.

From $75.00 - View the full selection here

Jarrad Martyn

Posted On: 6th of February, 2020
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Opening: 12th Feb 6-9pm
Exhibition Continues: 13th- 6th March
Stala Contemporary: 12 Clever Street, West Perth

We are super excited to see past artist in residence at The Butcher Shop Jarrad Martyn's new exhibition!

“It’s Not Down in Any Map; True Places Never Are” is a series of paintings and drawings by Jarrad Martyn which explore humanity’s relationship with the natural environment.

The process of bricolage, (something constructed from a diverse range of things) is used to collate academic research and the associated imagery to create an alternate conversation. The contrastingmotifs are used to explore the relationship between industry and the environment, species hierarchy, as well as the conservation function of zoos. Conversely, some works also tell a universal story that aims to unite humanity, while alsosuggesting what (if anything) the act of painting can offer to environmental conversation.

This body of work was largely made during a residency at Art on the Move, and is supported by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC).

Just Lousy

Posted On: 31st of January, 2020
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LOUSY • Australian Made 100% Recycled Ink • Made by Artists for Artists • Now Instore

Available in Fine Liners and 2 sizes of ink bottles.

From $9.95 - View the range here