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UV Effect

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Montana Cans
Brand Origin Germany
Manufacturers Link

Can Size 400ml
Valve System Female, Medium Pressure
Finish Gloss Transparent
Lacquer Base Acrylic-Nitro base

Technical Data Sheet TDS Montana UV-EFFECT Spray (.pdf)

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Montana UV-EFFECT is a transparent effect paint that is only visible under direct UV light. Able to be sprayed on nearly any substrate, the colorless and semi-gloss paint is not visible in sunlight rather illuminates when exposed to UV light with a glowing, blue-purple color. Ideal for indoor use, the luminous spray can be a great tool not just for making art or art happenings, but also inpractical contexts such as Guerilla Marketing, night clubs, venue and property marking.

The Montana UV effect Spray can be applied to numerous substrates such as coated and uncoated screens, masonry, wood, glass and more. The UV light effect becomes more prevalent, the more coats are applied particularly when applied with a stencil.

Visibility: Due to the UV EFFECT’s semi-gloss finish, the UV EFFECT spray can be slightly visible if painted on a matt substrate.The application of a gloss varnish can be used to create an all over gloss finish which discretely hides the UV spray under one gloss coat. The UV EFFECT spray is compatible with other color and effect coatings within the MONTANA CANS range as long as total curing time has occurred. (24-48 hours). The Montana UV EFFECT spray Available in the usual 400ml can format for easy and comfortable use.

Applying in thin, multiple layers will enhance and increase the UV EFFECT sprays ability to produce a vibrant glow effect. To add durability and protection, the fully dry and cured surface can be sealed with Montana VARNISH Spray in Matt, Semi-Gloss or Gloss. Always test spray on a non-visible area to check compatibility of lacquer or paint.

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