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MTN Box Crate

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The plastic crates used for fruit, vegetables or drinks are handy containers that many writers use to comfortably transport their paint. At the same time, the box itself can be used as a stool to sit on or as a step for maximising your reach when painting.

The MTN BOX is a stackable plastic box designed exclusively to transport spray cans and store them in an orderly fashion anywhere; from your home or studio to the trunk of your car. Made in the European Union, its solid, recycled plastic structure is specially designed to support the weight of an average person, allowing you to gain 40 cm in height.

The interior partitions are specially designed to store all sizes of spray cans within the MTN range and can hold between 20 (Mega Colors) and 40 (Water Based 300) spray cans depending on their size. When filling the box with 400 ml spray cans, the remaining space is perfect for adding gloves, caps or any other accessory.

- Minimum capacity: 20 spray cans
- Compatible with all MTN spray cans
- Recycled plastic made in EU
- Colour: Black

Product Information (.pdf)

DUE TO THIS PRODUCT'S BULKY SIZE IT CAN NOT SHIP EXPRESS - if your order contains this item it will ship for the same price as Express Shipping but will be delivered via road courier or standard post.