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MTN Pro - Erasable Chalk

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Brand MTN Montana Colors
Brand Origin Spain (Made in Spain)

Can Size 312g / 400ml
Can Pressure Low
Valve System Female
Stock Cap Hardcore 2 Cap
Finish Matte

MSDS Download MTN Chalk Material Safety Data Sheet
Black: MSDS (.pdf)
Other Colours: MSDS (.pdf)

Colour Chart / Technical Sheet Technical Sheet (.pdf)

Product Features
MTN PRO Erasable Chalk Paint is a fast-drying, high opacity, water-based, matt spray paint. Developed for use for temporary markings on non-porous surfaces (construction, sporting events, film decoration, children's games, temporary decorations, etc.) and situations in which a spray paint that maybe easily removed is needed.

Resistant to manipulation. Does not produce over spray. To remove the paint, rub with a damp cloth or pressurised water.

Characteristics -
• Matte Color
• High opacity/coverage
• Fast-drying
- Removable with water
- Low odor (Alcohol odor)
- May be varnished to make permanent

Uses -
• Temporary marking and signage
• Lettering
• Decoration, industry
• Kids activities

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