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MTN - Limited Edition HENSE

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Featured Artist: Hense
Year of Release: 2020
Artist Nationality: EEUU / USA
Edition: 500 pcs
Paint Colour: Matt White

This limited edition can comes in a wood and perspex display case.

Alex Brewer, also known as HENSE, is an American contemporary artist, best known for his dynamic, vivid and colourful abstract paintings and monumental wall pieces. He utilises unique colour and composition in his installations to evoke a bold presence in the varied spaces they inhabit. Brewer, a native of Atlanta, Georgia began his career painting and writing on the walls around the city at a young age. He discovered his love for creating art in public spaces through graffiti in the 1990’s. He produces numerous public works worldwide through a combination of techniques learned through graffiti writing and the formal language of abstract painting.

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