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MTN - Limited Edition ENTES

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• 400ml aerosol can (see top donut for paint colour)
• Complete with a wooden collectors box with perspex slide front

Joan Jiménez, better known as ENTES in the visual arts world, is a multidisciplinary creator who stands out for his versatility in painting a variety of surfaces. The walls, shipping containers and building facades he paints on are not just in Lima, his place of origin, but in different locations worldwide including countries such as Angola, United States, Mexico, France, Germany, Holland and Colombia, just to name a few. He is considered to be one of the graffiti pioneers in Lima and currently addresses local issues in his pictorial work. He is one of the Latido Americano Festival organisers and also boasts a hefty curriculum of individual and group exhibitions that attests to an extensive trajectory while working within various contexts.

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