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Ironlak Gallery Profile Stretched Artists' Canvas is a high quality, ready to use surface allowing artists to create using a wide range of artist tools including spray paint, markers, oils, acrylics, inks and water based paints.

Medium grain, hand woven natural cotton duck canvas is primed with three coats of acid-free acrylic gesso and stretched over a sturdy wooden frame resulting in a durable professional quality stretched canvas with a beautifully smooth finish.

• 320g 100% Cotton natural duck canvas
• Coated with professional quality acid-free acrylic gesso
• Hand stretched over a heavy duty frame
• 40mm deep profile

Larger sizes available in store only
• 12x12"
• 16x16"
• 18x18"
• 20x20"
• 16x48"

6x6" AU$10.95 From AU$5.47 Out of stock. Request.
4x12" AU$14.95 From AU$7.47 Out of stock. Request.