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Aqua Pro Paint - 100ml

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AQUA PRO PAINT 100 is synonym of multi functionality. Supplied in a shockproof plastic bottle, is born to refill our GROG Turquoise Label markers. 100 ml of a water-based highly pigmented acrylic paint, optimised for POINTER, CUTTER and SQUEEZER markers, AQUA PRO PAINT 100 can be used with brushes or airbrush too. If you are looking for a weather resistant, permanent, super opaque and deep matt finish formula, this is for you. Ideal for both porous and non-porous materials, works like a charm on dark surfaces.

• Ink Type > Water-Based Pigment
• Features > Highly Opaque, Permanent, Odourless, Matt
• Application > Indoor, Outdoor, Porous and Non-Porous Surfaces
• Ideal For> Wood, Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Glass, Metal
• Volume > 100 ml
• For Refill > GROG® POINTER™, CUTTER™ AND SQUEEZER® markers
• Binding > Acrylic
• Viscosity > Low Viscosity - Range: 10-55 CPS
• Dry To Touch > 5’
• Complete Dry > 24 Hours
• Thinner > Water
• Storage > Vertical
• Colour Range > 20 shades (19 Standard colours / 1 Metallic colour)

Instruction for Use:
• Shake well before use, with cap on.
• Always recap after use, to prevent that ink dries

Technical Data Sheet (.pdf)
MSDS (.pdf)
Colour Chart (.xlsx)
Colour References - Pantone, HEX, RGB, CMYK (gsheet)

Can't Joke with a Pro (Youtube)

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