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Cutter 08 BMI

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CUTTER™ 08 BMI is a perfect tool for writing without being seen by anyone.

Equipped with an 8 mm polyester QUICKFLOW ™ chisel tip, in combination with a compact size strong plastic barrel, it comes filled with 20 ml of BLACK MAGIC INK™, a alcohol and water-based dye invisible ink, which reacts only under UV lights until it turns into a deep dark brown satin finish.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor sessions, it works on porous surfaces only.

• Valve-action pump marker, filled with a alcohol and water-based UV reactive ink
• Available in one parallel felt nib size: 08 mm
• Xylene and Toluene free
• Perfect for calligraphy routines with an old touch
• Refillable with BLACK MAGIC INK

The colour intensity of the artwork is determined by the amount of light absorbed by the ink and can vary depending by the nature of the light. The artworks exposed to the UV sun rays will sort out with a dark brown finish, while the ones exposed under UV artificial lights will result more lighter.

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