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Squeezer 05 FMP

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Product Information

Brand Grog
Brand Origin Italy (Made in Italy)
Manufacturers Link
MSDS Download Material Safety Data Sheet (.pdf)

Contents Grog Full Metal Paint
Tip Size 5mm Squeezer Tip
Capacity 45ml

Grog Squeezer 05 is the compact version of the legendary Grog Squeezer. Thanks to its 5 mm tip, it's the perfect solution to write even on the smallest surfaces, maintaining its world famous dripping flow.

The tip is made of a strong fabric, while the soft plastic of its body allows to squeeze it without any stress, in order to measure out the quantity of paint. It contains 45 ml of Full Metal Paint it's easily refillable with the suitable Grog Refiller Cap, it carries an antidrip rim superior to other models for writing without getting dirty and a tight overcap.

If you're looking for a marker with an unbeatable flow to write wherever you want, Squeezer 05 is the right choice.

Refillable with:
Buff Proof Ink
Full Metal Paint
Street Killer Ink

Replacement Nibs:
05 Replacement Nib

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