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100ml Refill XFP

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Product Information

Brand Grog
Brand Origin Italy (Made in Italy)
Manufacturers Link

Contents Grog Xtra Flow Paint

A concentration of power.

100 ml of alcohol-based paint, made of top quality pigments and resins.

Say goodbye to the awful streaks of other wacky paints: XTRA FLOW PAINTâ„¢ 100 is super smooth, glossy, opaque and you can use it together with all marketed tips, its 16 amazing shades will flow like hell.

Ideal for use in Grog Cutters.

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Death Black
AU$21.95 6 in stock
Bogotà White
AU$21.95 5 in stock
Flash Yellow
AU$21.95 1 in stock
Clockwork Orange
AU$21.95 2 in stock
Ferrari Red
AU$21.95 Out of stock Request
Jellyfish Fuchsia
AU$21.95 6 in stock
Goldrake Purple
AU$21.95 6 in stock
Iceberg Blue
AU$21.95 2 in stock
Diving Blue
AU$21.95 8 in stock
Miami Green
AU$21.95 5 in stock
Hoffman Green
AU$21.95 3 in stock
Obitory Green
AU$21.95 5 in stock
Laser Green
AU$21.95 9 in stock
Neon Fuchsia
AU$21.95 Out of stock ETA 2022/07/11 Request
Neon Green
AU$21.95 3 in stock
Burning Chrome AU$21.95 Out of stock ETA 2022/07/11 Request
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