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Aquarelle Brush Twin Marker - 12pc Set

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Ironlak Aquarelle Brush Tip Twin Markers are non-toxic, dual tip water based ink markers created for bleed free writing and drawing on paper.

The 1.0mm pressure resistant tip isperfect for thin line work and finer details while sketching. Flip the marker and use the durable brush tip for cursive lines, calligraphy or filling large areas.

Wet the surface before theink has completely dried and use an Ironlak Watercolour Brush to create beautiful washes and other watercolour effects.

Available in 3 different colour sets, each set contains 12 twin end markers.

• Water based dye ink
• Vivid colour
• Water soluble
• Durable nylon brush tip
• Aeroplane safe

Directions For Use
• Works well with alcohol based markers such as Ironlak Strikers
• Take care when layering colours on paper when still wet. An oversupply of waterbased ink will saturate paper and could cause the surface to tear or ripple.
• Suitable with Ironlak Bleedproof Pad and Watercolour Pads
• After use, replace lid tightly

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