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Kuretake Brush Pen - Gold

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ZIG - Kuretake - Brush Pen - No. 62 Gold

• Made in Japan, has a flexible,
• Broad brush tip loaded with metallic ink
• It’s easy to go from thick to thin strokes quickly, which makes this pen excellent for calligraphy and drawing
• The ink dries to a satin finish, and you can make the strokes more opaque by going back over them with a light touch
• Try it on dark paper for a stronger contrast

• Twist off pen nib
• Take off yellow ring and re twist the pen nib into cartridge
• Replace cap and shake well before every use

Do not apply too much pressure to cartridge, it may result in a breakage

• Not intended for use by children
• As the ink can easily solidify please wipe off the tip after use and close the cap firmly
• If the ink comes into contact with clothes it may stain
• Dropping or shaking the pen too much may result in ink leaking
• Practise on a separate piece of paper first in order to control the flow of ink
• Do not leave in direct sunlight or in high temperatures
• Keep the pen in a vertical position with the cap facing upwards when in storage