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Blackliner - Set of 4

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Set 1 Contains

1x 0.05 mm, 1x 0.1 mm, 1x 0.2 mm, 1x 0.4 mm

Set 2 Contains
1x 0.3mm, 1x 0.5mm, 1x 0.7mm, 1x 1.0mm

Set 3 Contains
1x Round, 1x Chisel, 1x Calligraphy, 1x Brush S

• Water based
• Pigment ink
• Archival
• Opaque
• Permanent
• Resistant to water and chemicals
• Fade resistant
• Quick drying
• For indoor use
• Metal incased tips on 0.05 - 1mm sizes
• For fine and exact lines
• "Cap Off" without drying for 90-180 minutes
• Made in Germany

The first joint product of Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH and MOLOTOW™ is the MOLOTOW™ Blackliner. It has a pigmented archival ink, that is not only resistant to water and chemicals, but also fade-resistant.

The robust metal-encased 0.05 mm - 0.4 mm tips guarantees fine and exact lines – perfectly suitable for outlines. Due to there "Cap off" function the marker are protected from drying out for 90-180 minutes.

The high-quality Blackliner have a slip-proof, matt surface.

Writing length: up to 2000 meters - tested on MOLOTOW™ Blackliner 0.3 mm in a normal indoor climate of 23°C / 50 % relative humidity on testing paper according to ISO 12757.

Product Information Sheet (.pdf)

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