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Liquid Chrome Markers

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Brand Molotow
Brand Origin Molotow (Made in Germany)
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Product Information Sheet Liquid Chrome (.pdf)
Product User Guide User Guide (.pdf) 5.9MB

Nib Size 1mm Nylon Nib, or 2mm Felt Nib, or 4mm Felt Nib, or 5mm Felt Nib

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Refill With:
1mm, 2mm: Series A Refill Extension
4mm: Series B Refill Extension
5mm: Series C Refill Extension
Replacement Ink: Liquid Chrome Refill

Replacement Nibs:
1mm, 2mm: Series A Nibs
4mm: Series B Nibs
5mm: Series C Nibs

The long-awaited, liquid chrome is the unique result of a long-term advancement of the BURNER™ ink. For the best mirror effect on smooth and non-absorbent surfaces.

There's already a big hype about these markers. The highly pigmented special ink creates a real mirror effect, which leads to high enthusiasm in the model making, graffiti, hobby and D.I.Y. scene.

LIQUID CHROME™ markers work on nearly all surfaces, however it is recommended to test them before application. The mirror effect can be best seen on smooth, nonabsorbent surfaces. Before painting, it is necessary to remove greasy films from the surfaces.

• alcohol-based
• highly pigmented special ink
• high-gloss liquid chrome
• highly opaque
• permanent
• good UV resistance
• refillable
• exchangeable tips
• made in Germany

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