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Molotow Coversall Dripstick 25mm

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Product Information Sheet (.pdf)

The Dripstick 860DS is more than just a squeeze marker. Due to its rear tank cap, the dripstick can be easily refilled and reused! In combination with the highly-opaque CoversAll™ ink, this squeeze marker is an absolute must-have. Whether larger areas on canvas or single drips: who doesn’t have it, is missing something!
CoversAll™ Dripstick with the following features:

• alcohol-based
• special ink with synthetic bitumen
• glossy
• highly opaque
• permanent
• quick-drying
• plastic paint application
• for nearly all smooth surfaces
• for indoor and outdoor use
• color shade: COVERSALL™ signal black
• squeeze bottle
• unscrewable tank cap
• 25mm Highflow applicator
• refillable
• exchangeable applicators
• mixable
• Made in Germany
• filling quantity: 100 ml

Check surface for compatibility before application.

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