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Molotow 127 Kit - 6pc

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Basic Set 1:
Contains Colours: Zinc Yellow, DARE Orange, Traffic Red, True Blue, Signal White, Signal Black

Basic Set 2:
Contains Colours: Shock Blue Middle, Currant, Neon Pink, Lagoon Blue, Grasshopper, Mr Green

Fluorescent Neon Set:
Contains Colours: Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Signal White, Signal Black

Character Set:
Contains Colours: Hazelnut Brown , Lobster, Ocher Brown Light, Sahara Beige Pastel, Peach Pastel, Skin Pastel

Metallic Set:

Contains Colours: Metallic Black, Metallic blue, Metallic Pink, Metallic Light Green, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold

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Refill With:
Molotow One4All Refill 30ml
Molotow One4All Refill 180ml
Series A Refill Extension
Replacement Nibs:
Series A Nibs

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Basic 1 AU$48.00 5 in stock
Basic 2 AU$48.00 7 in stock
Fluorescent Neon AU$48.00 Out of stock ETA 2021/09/13 Request
Character AU$48.00 3 in stock
Metallic AU$48.00 2 in stock
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