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Molotow Acrylic Twin Marker

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Brand Origin Germany

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Tip Size
• 1.5mm Crossover Nib and 4mm Round Felt Nib

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Refill With:
30ml One4all Refill
180ml One4all Refill
Series B Refill Extension
Replacement Nibs:
Series B Replacement Nibs

Contains ONE4ALL paint. The highly pigmented, acrylic based hybrid paint is easily mixable with other ONE4ALL colors (for individual shading), it can be diluted with water (for translucent effects) or with acetone (for permanency on fatty surfaces). It works on almost every surface, is silk matte, quick drying, has an incredible opacity and is absolutely UV resistant.

Use for fine art, hobby, industry and craft in indoor and outdoor application. Perfect on solid materials (leather, metal, glass, stone, plastic, modeling materials etc.) like mobiles, computers, shoes, model building etc. Equally great on absorbent surfaces (paper, cardboard, terracotta, wood etc.) like canvas, caps, pottery etc. Large color variety by user defined mixing of the colors. Pastel colors by adding white.

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