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Molotow One4All Refill - 30ml

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Highly pigmented brilliant colour concentrate with doubled covering power on base of a acryl combination. Solvent-free, quick-drying, UV and weather resistant, silk matte finish.

Optimal for writing utensils, marker, brush, airbrush, sponge etc. For fine-art, hobby, industry and craft in indoor & outdoor application.

Perfect on solid materials like leather, metal, glass, stone, plastic, modelling materials shoes etc.

Perfect on absorbent surfaces like paper, cardboard, terracotta, wood, canvas, pottery etc.

Large colour variety available, or mix your own custom colours.

Airbrush: approximately up to 3-10% water dilutable. Resolvable with acetone.

As refill only use ONE4ALL™ products or empty marker. Don't mix with alcohol-based inks!

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Molotow One4All Marker Range is great on any surface

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202 Ceramic Light Pastel AU$12.95 Out of stock. Request.
203 Cool Grey Pastel AU$12.95
204 True Blue AU$12.95 Out of stock. Request.
205 Amazonas Light 205 AU$12.95
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207 Skin Pastel AU$12.95
208 Ocher Brown Light AU$12.95
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217 Neon Pink AU$12.95
218 Neon Orange AU$12.95
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220 Neon Yellow AU$12.95
221 Grasshopper AU$12.95 Out of stock. Request.
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227 Metallic Silver AU$12.95 Out of stock. Request.
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235 Turquoise
236 Poison Green AU$12.95
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