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Molotow Twin Kit - 12pc

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The perfect One4All starter kit - 12 basic colour in two different nib sizes - 1.5mm and 4mm.

Molotow Kits contain 12 twin end markers in a reusable screw top box.

Basic 1
006 zinc yellow, 085 orange DARE, 013 traffic red, 230 shock blue, 204 true blue, 042 currant, 232 magenta, 236 poison green, 222 Kacao77 green, 237 grey blue light, 160 signal white, 180 signal black

Basic 2
burgundy, shock blue middle, MISTER GREEN, hazelnut brown, neon yellow fluorescent, neon orange fluorescent, neon pink fluorescent, neon green fluorescent, grasshopper, blue grey dark, metallic silver, metallic gold

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