Water Based Marker - 0.8mm

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The MTN Water Based marker range come in 20 colours, and 5 marker widths. The matte paint is perfectly suited and colour matched to use with MTN Water Based Spray Paint, and MTN Water Based 200 Paint, making a versatile range for any studio. Refill you marker with the MTN Water Based 200 Paint, or use it with brush or airbrush to complete your application options.

• Tip: 0.8mm round nylon nib (hollow)
• Colour range: 20
• Acrylic matte paint
• High-opacity and good coverage
• Fast-drying
• Adheres to multiple surfaces such as glass, wood, paper, clothing and more
• Refillable
• Replaceable nibs

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• TDS Technical Data Sheet (.pdf)
• MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet (.pdf)
• Colour References HEX, CMYK, PANTONE Colour References (.pdf)

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Jewel Silver AU$7.95 6 in stock
Frame Gold AU$7.95 7 in stock
Carbon Black
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Titanium White
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Neutral Grey
AU$7.95 8 in stock
Raw Sienna
AU$7.95 11 in stock
Naphtol Red
AU$7.95 14 in stock
Quinacridone Magenta
AU$7.95 9 in stock
Quinacridone Rose
AU$7.95 11 in stock
Blue Violet Light
AU$7.95 7 in stock
Dioxazine Purple
AU$7.95 9 in stock
Prussian Blue
AU$7.95 6 in stock
Brilliant Yellow Green
AU$7.95 9 in stock
Brilliant Light Green
AU$7.95 9 in stock
Turquoise Green
AU$7.95 6 in stock
Phthalo Blue Light
AU$7.95 18 in stock
Cadmium Yellow Medium
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Naples Yellow
AU$7.95 6 in stock
Azo Orange Light
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Azo Orange
AU$7.95 9 in stock
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