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Water Based Marker - 15mm

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The MTN Water Based marker range come in 20 colours, and 5 marker widths. The matte paint is perfectly suited and colour matched to use with MTN Water Based Spray Paint, and MTN Water Based 200 Paint, making a versatile range for any studio. Refill you marker with the MTN Water Based 200 Paint, or use it with brush or airbrush to complete your application options. With this valve system you’ll be able to control the quantity of paint flow with great precision by simply pressing the tip down onto the surface in order to pump the paint into the tip.

• Tip: 15mm chisel felt nib
• Colour range: 20
• Acrylic matte paint
• Excellent elasticity
• High-opacity and good coverage
• Fast-drying
• Adheres to multiple surfaces such as glass, wood, paper, clothing and more
• Refillable
• Replaceable nibs

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• TDS Technical Data Sheet (.pdf)
• MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet (.pdf)
• Colour References HEX, CMYK, PANTONE Colour References (.pdf)

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Carbon Black
AU$11.50 7 in stock
Titanium White
AU$11.50 4 in stock
Neutral Grey
AU$11.50 8 in stock
Raw Sienna
AU$11.50 10 in stock
Naphtol Red
AU$11.50 3 in stock
Quinacridone Magenta
AU$11.50 6 in stock
Quinacridone Rose
AU$11.50 4 in stock
Blue Violet Light
AU$11.50 10 in stock
Dioxazine Purple
AU$11.50 5 in stock
Prussian Blue
AU$11.50 4 in stock
Brilliant Yellow Green
AU$11.50 6 in stock
Brilliant Light Green
AU$11.50 8 in stock
Turquoise Green
AU$11.50 5 in stock
Phthalo Blue Light
AU$11.50 7 in stock
Cadmium Yellow Medium
AU$11.50 8 in stock
Naples Yellow
AU$11.50 11 in stock
Azo Orange Light
AU$11.50 8 in stock
Azo Orange
AU$11.50 5 in stock
Jewel Silver AU$11.50 5 in stock
Frame Gold AU$11.50 8 in stock
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