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Premium Colour Pencils - Set

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Ironlak Premium Colour Pencils are designed to create beautiful illustrations, sketches and drawings with a versatile range of techniques. A waxy texture is ideal for layering and blending so you can create as many of your own colours as desired. Vibrant, lightfast pigments are fully bonded inside high quality, responsibly sourced wood to prevent breakage and ensure smooth sharpening.

• Extra smooth
• Vibrant artist quality pigments
• Non-toxic
• Break resistant
• Rich colour laydown

Directions For Use

• Sharpen pencils before use to ensure a smooth, clean edge.
• Keep a sanding block nearby to sharpen any dull points that aren’t ready for sharpening.
• Use side of the pencil when colouring to cover larger areas of work.
• Pigments are not water soluble however they can be softened and blended by carefully using the Ironlak Strikers Tri-grip Colourless Blender.
• Establish the basic tonal ranges of your picture first using a light neutral colour.
• Use with Ironlak Drawing Paper to achieve beautiful results.

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Series 1 - 24 Piece AU$43.95
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