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Beachcombing in Temperate Australia

Hand pulled screen print by Amok Island

In geography, temperate latitudes of Earth lie between the tropics and the polar regions. The temperatures in these regions are generally relatively moderate, rather than extremely hot or cold, and the changes between summer and winter are also usually moderate.

On this 'Beachcombing in Temperate Australia' print you can find: Crabs, a shark egg, Cuttlefish bone, fishing float with barnacles, Sargassum seaweed, Sea grass, various urchins, shells and a washed up smooth boxfish, sea dragon and sponge. All subjects are commonly found on beaches in the southern half of Australia.

• 6 colour
• 100% hand printed at Amok Island studio in North Fremantle
• 225 gsm paper
• Size: A2 (42 x 59.4cm)
• Signed and numbered, limited edition of 150

AU$125.00 Free Shipping