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Dipolo : Biancoshock

Monograph of the Italian artist Biancoshock, worldwide known for his public art works that stand out for their originality, emotional impact and visual disturbance. A collection of works created between 2004 and 2019, synthesizing more than 15 years of research and over a thousand urban installations. Dipòlo presents the two strands that mark the artist's path: White and Shock. The most difficult works to interpret, which need reflection and specific references, with conceptual shades, belong to the White category. A non-color, but also the one that contains them all, white represents a neutral component, to be shaped, which introduces the second dimension, the Shock: astonishment and immediacy. To this strand belong immediate works in the interpretation by the heterogeneous public that the street guarantees, works whose genesis is dictated by a thorough knowledge of the urban environment and the ability to reinterpret every single detail of its infrastructure, its furniture, its codes. Introduction and critical analysis by Pietro Rivasi.

Measurements: 16.5x23.5 cm
Pages: 192
Language: Italian/English
Release year: 2019
Produced in: Italy