Drawn Onward

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From the masterful pen of multi-award-winning Meg McKinlay and dynamic new illustrator Andrew Frazer, Drawn Onward explores shifting perspective and the inner voice. The text is a palindrome that takes readers from the glass half empty –
’There is no light on the horizon and it is foolish to think you can change anything at all’ – to the glass half full: ‘You can change anything at all. It is foolish to think there is no light on the horizon.’

This powerful picture book for older readers is a call to hope that cleverly illustrates how the very same situation can be
viewed quite differently depending on your perspective.

270 x 175mm, Hardback, 32 pages


'Author Meg McKinlay has crafted a palindrome that will delight observant young readers with the way that subtle shifts in language can flip a situation on its head ... Frazer mirrors this metamorphosis with his use of colour and small creative touches. His style is decorative and distinctive, and the typography is as much an artwork as the illustrations.' Junior Books Publishing

'... filled to the brim with beautiful illustrations and inspiring penmanship ... The book allows readers of all ages alike to marvel at the intricacy in which the palindrome of messages incorporates a very interesting take on the 'glass half empty, glass half full' idea.' [Four stars] The Starfish

'The teaming of McKinlay with Frazer works very well ... [recommended for] secondary schools and libraries looking for something to challenge students’ thinking, to raise issues on mental health and to expand students’ visual and media literacy skills.' The Book Chook

'... [an] emotional palindrome that shows the power of our thoughts to drive us either to pessimism or hope.' The West Australian

'... a powerful series of illustrations and hand-lettering that takes the reader on a journey of perspective.' The Subiaco Post

'... [Drawn Onward] is a picture book for all ages ... and offers something different for every reader. It shows how, through attitude, we can have a brighter and more positive perspective, and how friends need to help each other in this endeavour.' Reading Time

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