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Glorious Attitude : FRA32

Fra32 is one of the most prolific Italian graffiti writers.

Since the ’90s he has worked throughout Italy as well as abroad establishing himself as a leading figure in the international graffiti scene. His unique style has contaminated and influenced generations of artists who have found in him a source of inspiration, fundamental and constant as well. Glorious Attitude brings to light his twenty-year expressive evolution, revealing his obsessive stylistic search, perseverance in painting since he was very young, and persistent production, while he was crossing generations of writers, founding crews, and becoming friends with the most important names of the writing scene.

In this book journalist Chris Gibson draws Fra32’s artistic path, starting from his debut - his first tag in 1994 - and retracing his story until today, describing also Italy’s social and political backdrop of the ’90s.

The book is divided into four sections, each one narrated from a different point of view in order to display the most complete vision possible of the protagonist. The journalist’s initial inquiry is accompanied by the contributions of about twenty writers who are close to Fra32 and who recount their friendship with the artist, donating a more human and less formal image of him.

The other chapters examine specific themes related to the world of graffiti writing in which texts written by the protagonist himself supplement the photographs.Fra32 is a black book where the stories and the photographic archive (which includes more than 270 images) intertwine to give the reader a volume where the figure of one of the most international graffiti writers emerges.

28.7 × 20.6 cm, 256 Pages

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