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Still Alive Wearing Sunglasses at Night

Still Alive Wearing Sunglasses at Night - Diary of a Graffiti Writer

Back to the turn of the millennium: The same combination of letters pass on a Union Pacific freight train through Texas as on a SBB wagon through the Swiss Alps. These are the letters by Still Alive. Still Alive – a globetrotter with spray cans in his luggage but no Google Maps in his pocket, in search of adventure and new spots, with varying pseudonyms in his repertoire. In a refreshing manner, his pieces question the common codes of the graffiti subculture at the time. Its rules are deliberately ignored with the aim of attracting attention, while not bothering about the judgement of others.

With the help of old diary entries and analogue photos, the Book Wearing Sunglasses at Night reconstructs Still Alive's career as a graffiti writer. The numerous pictures and stories take us on adventures from New York and San Francisco to Barcelona and Bucharest and show why he became one of the most important protagonists in the Swiss graffiti scene and put Bern on the graffiti map.

Hardcover, 224 Pages, 16 x 24 cm

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