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Boulevard - Issue 2

Boulevard - On Trespassing and Culture is an international, art magazine that reflects the past and present discourse in street and urban art. The format is intended to complement existing magazines and publications. Overarching themes structure each issue. The topics are theory (Reprint), photography, portraits of artists and works (Cases), current publications, reviews and news (Talk).

‘Threesome’ by Boris Hoppek, Miss Van and Rimon Guimares / Nuart Journal / Graffiti Review / In Between Space, Time and a Pattern of Chaos, Fousion Gallery, Barcelona (ES) / La Fulmine, Printing house of the resistance (Sardinia (IT)) / John Fekner - Memory / Untold Stories, Inside Graffiti Writing Culture / / Eric Winkler: Sog / Unlock Book Fair, Modena 2020 / [re/dis]cover – urban art & research
Ben Brohanszky: Subcultural Strategies Katia Hermann and Pietro Rivasi: Exhibiting photos of writing Jasper van Es and Good Guy Boris: #ViralVandals Jo Preußler, Aljoscha Begrich and Stefan Reuter: Can you show me the way to the Graffitimuseum?

Lene ter Haar: Claiming Visibility - Between Vandalism and Appreciation (2010) Orestis Pangalos: Crisis - What Crisis / No Respect (2014) Harald Hinz: About Institutionalizing Urban Art (2018) Bernd Dollinger and Bettina Hünersdorf: Graffiti as Version and Subversion (2010) Patrick Hagopian: Reading the Indecipherable (1987)

Bill Daniel: Wierd Hobo Trip - Beyond the Streets Rage: Selected Works on Public Transit Cars and Gallery Walls Dunja Jankovi: Collaboration without Consent Emanuel Roth: Parkiert