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Stains - Issue 9

The ninth issue of Stains Magazine, a jam-packed graffiti magazine with 100% focus on Swedish graffiti. 84 pages divided into walls, freight trains, mixed Swedish trains, subways and commuter trains from Stockholm and yes, even spraycations is in there despite the 2020 covid pandemic. 84 pages filled with Swedish styles, wrapped in a fresh cover made together with Såg 45 [BRO].

The issue of also contains four special features, where we get to take a closer look at Larmo [ROKO] - who shares a bunch of different trains, Lost [OND LLVL] - with a really fresh analog collage, Julie [TUM] - offering a bunch of extremely well-made freight trains and finally PUBB Crew - which celebrates 20 years!

• 210 x 297mm
• English Language