Getting Serious?

Need tips on turn your arts practice into a business? Find some useful resources below.
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Finding Work
Art Source
Tenders WA
CAN WA - Community Artist List

How Much to Charge?
This is a tricky one, and there is no one answer that will suit all! One resource we have found which can be a good starting point is, who publish 'award' rates for artists. It's a good way to measure what others are charging, and a great way to justify your rates to potential employers.

Sit down and brainstorm all the costs associated with it - design time, travel costs, materials, wages, insurances, equipment hire to get a thorough understanding about how much it is really costing you.

Do I need an ABN?
If you're serious about getting paid work you will need to apply for an Australian Business Number (ABN). To see if you're ready use the Australian Business Registry's ABN Entitlement Tool.

If the tool says your not ready for an ABN yet, but your clients are asking you for invoices, you can use the Statement by a Supplier Form (pdf) to explain to them why you don't have an ABN.

To read more about starting your own business visit or

In many circumstances organisations you are working with will require you to have Public Liability (PL) Insurance. PL Insurance protects you up to a stated limit if a third party sues you for personal injury, including death, or damage to property, as a result of an occurrence in connection with your business.

*Tip: Art Source's Max Package and Form's Practitioner's Membership both include affordable PL insurance along with other member benefits

Working with Children
Many Urban Art jobs will require you to work with children. The Working with Children Check (WWC Check) is a compulsory criminal check for many people who work with children under the age of 18 in WA. To apply visit

Occupation Safety and Health
Codes of Practice : Spray Painting (.pdf)

Intellectual Property

New Enterprise Incentives Scheme
Your local council may also offer funding for community projects.

Forms and Templates
Invoicing Guide (pdf) - a guide to formatting invoices.